Gracias a la labor realizada por Worldline, el Geoportal se ha convertido en el portal de referencia para los territorios y los ciudadanos. Es una parte esencial del proceso de modernización de todos los Estados.



Make the most of your geo-locatable business data


Ubiquitous nowadays, geographical information has spread thanks to diverse communication media and geo-location tools. Worldline was ever-present in this dissemination by facilitating the online implementation of your geographical data via robust and impressive information systems.


Turnkey services



Worldline offers advanced, reliable, high-level and evolutionary functional solutions to all companies with geo-locatable business data.


In almost every sector of activity, the increasing number of companies desiring to efficiently make use of their geographical data led Worldline to develop customised solutions via:

  • A practical project methodology aimed at meeting the actual needs of its customers;
  • An open source or private software base based on project needs;
  • A dedicated or mutualised content hosting based on the specifications of the service.


Worldline’s GIS expertise thus provides a solution for the online implementation of projects tailored and specific to each customer, by being adaptable to diverse technological environments (secured intranet, open website…).


A comprehensive services offer devoted to geographical information


Given the effervescence around geographical information, Worldline developed an GIS know-how and expertise with the aim to associate immense geographical contents with the ergonomic world of the online services.


By matching these two entities and strictly respecting the different geographical norms and web (OGC, W3C, INSPIRE directive), Worldline has become a reference in:

  • Geographical data integration and processing;
  • The dissemination, manipulation and exploitation of this data online;
  • The designing, development and hosting of geographic information systems.




Focus on the Geoportal


Worldline develops and hosts 2D and 3D Geoportal, first-ever national geographic portal of this nature ever developed in Europe.
It provides access to public geographic data.

Thanks to the work accomplished by Worldline, the Geoportal has become the reference portal for territories and citizens. It is an essential part of the modernisation process of any State.


Patrice Parisé,
Managing Director of IGN (French National Geographic Institute)




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