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Integrated Report

This Integrated Report presents Worldline’s global vision and strategy to create value for all our stakeholders as well as our business model and our governance to achieve this. Visit the micro-site Download the report GRI standards content index

Universal Registration Document

This Universal Registration Document contains statements regarding the prospects and growth strategies of the Group. Interactive Report

The European Payment Champion

Worldline is the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry. With 45 years of experience, we are a highly innovative pan-European company with global reach, providing secure payments and transactional services, covering the entire payments value chain.
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This second edition has been created to give you the tools to apprehend 2020 in an efficient way, and give you answers to how you can develop a real digital retail experience.

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Industry briefing

How will we pay? Everything you didn’t dare ask…

Worldline’s latest industry briefing looks at how and why payment is changing so rapidly and what these developments mean for banks, merchants and consumers. This update to How will we pay? Welcome to the payments revolution examines how the digital revolution is leading to fundamental changes not only in payment technologies but in the very nature of payment itself.

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